Island Activities

Tioman island is a host to many outdoor activities and is a popular vacation get away for those seeking excitement in the sun. A divers paradise there is also plenty other water and land sports to occupy your time while you’re here on Tioman.

Activities in Salang:

Scuba Diving

The most popular water activity is diving. With diverse marine life, warm water and good visibility it’s a divers paradise. There is something for everyone, whether you prefer shallow reefs, wreck diving or photographing macrolife, it can all be found in Salang.


If you aren’t diving snorkeling is the next best way to experience the marine system. On both sides of the jetty there are shallow reefs perfect for snorkeling. No more than 5 meters deep, you can swim over splendidly colored coral, watch clownfish play in their host anemones and get up close and personal with many other fish. Snorkeling equipment can be rented at many places in Salang and snorkeling tours can be arranged with several operators, taking to various locations around Tioman.


Kayaks can be rented in Salang and you can cruise around Salang bay, around Soyak island or if you’ve got the energy head south to Monkey bay, stopping at small untouched beaches along the way.


Tioman is home to two prime surfing locations. Generally the best time to catch a wave is during monsoon season which is between late November and January. The rest of the year typically is home to calm seas. Salang bay has a nice reef break and on the other side of the island Juara has a long break stretching most of the coast. Bring your own board or rent one from Lala Loco in Salang.

Rock Climbing

A rock climbers delight awaits you at the Southern end of Tioman. Home to the Dragons Horns, only few have managed to scale the two rock faces erupting from the tropical rainforest below and reaching for the sky. At a height of 695m it is a true challenge and has been compared to the climbing at Half Dome, Yosemite National Park. From Salang it is a relatively expensive boat trip to the climbing location so if scaling rocks is your thing, it would be advisable to plan in advance your excursion and lodging in the South of the island.

Jungle Trekking

Hiking through the jungle is a great way to spend a day and experience the bio-diversity of Tioman. There are no guided treks into the interior of Tioman but the hiking from Salang ABC or Tekek is certain to give you an adventure.

  • Salang to Monkey Bay – approx 45 minutes one way
  • Tekek to Juara – approx 3 hours one way
  • ABC to Monkey bay – approx 2 hours one way

Boat Tours

Speedboat tours are an excellent way to see the whole of Tioman. Several operators offer round island trips which usually include two snorkeling stops and a trip to the waterfall on the East coast of Tioman.

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